Listen to your body. In real-time.

Somos combines a glucose sensor and an app to discover how food and habits affect your body.

Discover the signals that your body sends you.

Visualize in real-time why your glucose levels go up or down.

What is a glucose sensor?

A small device to understand your body.

The sensor is a small device that contains a subcutaneous microfilament which comes into contact with your interstitial fluid in order to measure your blood glucose. That information is stored in the sensor's memory.

Now you can detect a very important signal from your body to better understand it.

We make it easy for you.

In the comfort of your own home.

Simply bring your cell phone close to the sensor to scan it and you will be able to see immediately your glucose levels on your app, so you can understand the impact that each food, activity, and habit has on your body.

Now you can see what makes your glucose levels rise or fall and stay healthy :)

So that your body stops being a black box

Turn on the light and say "hello" to your body.

Connect your glucose sensor to see all the signals your body is sending in your app. The days of guessing what's going on inside you are over.

Soon you'll also be able to connect your activity trackers (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Whoop, etc) and even your blood tests

Do you have any questions ?

No problem, here we have answers

What are the benefits of using the glucose monitor with Somos?

-Develop a clear understanding of how food affects the functioning of your body

-Prevent chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases

-Clearly understand which habits positively and negatively affect your blood glucose levels.

Why should I worry about blood sugar if I don't have diabetes?

According to the most recent studies, keeping your blood sugar level stable can improve your energy, memory, mood, longevity, and cognitive performance.

What is metabolic health and how can Somos help me with it?

Metabolic health refers to how your body produces and uses energy. Optimal metabolic health means choosing a diet and lifestyle that helps your body maintain stable and healthy levels of blood sugar and training your body to produce and use energy efficiently. When you are metabolically fit, you have the energy to live actively while feeling your best without undue weight gain, aging, and risk of physical decline.

Can't I just use a glycemic index to see how foods will affect me?

The glycemic index (GI) indicates how quickly your body can process carbohydrates in a particular food and can be a useful guide to what might cause a blood sugar spike. However, metabolic responses to food are very individual: you may respond well to bananas but have a big spike when you eat rice, while someone else may have the opposite response. Factors such as the composition of our gut microbiome, how well we sleep, our exposure to and management of stress, physical fitness, and genetics can contribute to these unique reactions. The more you know about how your body responds, the easier it will be to make healthy choices.

Is my information secure?

The most important thing for us is that you stay with SOMOS for life and for us to always accompany you so that you feel 100%. For this to happen, it is essential that you are in control and have complete ownership and freedom with your information. At any time, you can cancel your account, export your information, or decide who to give access to and who not to. Your data, your decisions.

I have results from previous lab tests. Can I upload them to my portal on Somos?

Yes, in your portal you will find a section to upload past results. Simply upload the PDF and we will show it in your graphs so you can compare it with the new ones.

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